Language of Gong
Intention - Resonance - Trust 
Language of Gong
We are an organization dedicated to bringing forth the teachings and understandings expressed through the language of gong. This journey begins with harmonizing the mind and body into the spirit of your beings. Expanding the awareness and presences of the fundamental teachings of creation and our own unique journeys woven in this collective nature we know as life. 
  1. Aloha friends. I have been practicing traditional lomilomi for 8 years. In traditional Hawaiian healing we believe in the power of healing through touch, sound, medicinal herbs, and most importantly pule (prayer). Pule is always done to set our intention for healing and to connect us to our Kapuna (ancestors) and Akua (God). These Oli (chants) which are comprised of many sacred words and tones is essentially healing through intention of sound. I was taught to carry certain tones during a lomilomi session to help heal the body, mind, and soul. These tones we make with our voices is to help break up energy blocks in the body. Having practiced this approach to healing and also receiving sound healing through toning, chanting, and gongs I am a firm believer that sound is able to assist in healing my body, mind, and soul. I feel the sounds help to vibrate my energy even to the most minute level. I feel grounded and reset after I receive a sound healing. I am able to function better from a relaxed calm state. The last gong treatment I received I was in a state of relaxation for the entire day and was able to bring acute stress down to nothing. I highly recommend sound healing for stress relief and anxiety as well. Mahalo.
    Kahealani Rivera
  2. Recently I have had some traumatic experiences in my life. I was having trouble focusing, and leading a life that was not filled with anxiety. "Gong" was brought to my attention on a few occasions. I had a lot of skepticism at first. How can these metal plates and mallet do any positive, purposeful work and help me either mentally or physically? As the gongs were being set up I remember thinking in my mind "I Hope this does not take all day." My thoughts were soon dispelled after the session began. Tones and pitches, My ears have never or don't remember hearing in my life began to consume my house. My eyes were closed and it was if there were twenty people in the room all playing at the same time. I opened to check, nope just the two individuals that had began at first. And then it happened. The more I paid attention to each tone vibration, pitch the deeper I began in this meditative state. It felt like I was being rebooted or someone had hit a reset button. My limbs and extremities began to twitch and jerk, small adjustments. Again, I opened my eyes did anyone else see this? Is anyone else twitching through this session? Closing my eyes again, I fell into a trance like state. I had no worries or thoughts of anything else but these tones and frequencies I was hearing. Thirty minutes seemed like three hours. I could not comprehend that what I experienced only lasted thirty minutes. I went so far into myself that time seemed to slow down. After the session was complete I felt my body had been rang out of stress. My cells had been charged and all the toxicity dispelled from my body. I felt like a had taken a restful rejuvenated nap. It made sense to me after receiving this wonderful treatment. Of course everything has a frequency on and including this planet. The water we drink the food we eat, all can be quantifiable and measured. It would make sense that I would have a frequency as well and this frequency had been optimally tuned for my homeostasis. Kind Regards.
    Tyson Edwards
  3. The gong is an experience that words do no justice to adequately describe. If I were to try, I would say that it's like I could feel my brain rewiring itself. It was as if my neural pathways were finding new connections or just dusting off cobwebs on ones scarcely used. I was able to hold a meditative peaceful state while simultaneously having thoughts. Normally when I have a thought it pulls me out of that peaceful trace. It feels as if the gong holds you in that peaceful space regardless of if you went into the session very anxious or resistant to the experience. From this peaceful state things make sense. Situations and decisions that need to be made, appear clear. I can work through a tremendous amount of deep thought very quickly and effortlessly. Previously emotionally triggering thoughts and memories often come forward, but in this state I don't react to as before. I can simply observe and find deeper understanding. I understand why I felt a certain way and why I said the things I did. I have found deep forgiveness for myself through the gong at times. As well as a general letting go, whether there is a conscious acknowledgement of what I'm letting go of or not. The more I've heard the gong the more I am able to surrender to this letting go and the better I feel afterwards. I find this to have lasting effects that I can't compare to anything else I have tried in the realms of self help and relaxation. I highly recommend it to friends! My time with Malcolm and Crystal was as deep as I have ever gone with the experience. They are beyond fantastic gong players! The best I've ever heard and I've heard a handful. I have also heard multiple gongs before and they weren't in resonance or harmony together, but Malcolm and Crystal’s gongs all work together magically!
    Kyler Wood