Experiencing the Gong presents the opportunity to expand awareness into the conditionalities presented in life. In a state of being where the mind becomes intention without condition. Sensations of resonances that bridges the realizations of truth that we are the embodiment of purpose.  

We are, in every moment engaging with ourselves. Every breath we breathe, whether we are conscious of our expressions or unconscious of this fundamental engagement. 


The Intentions and Resonances of our being creates the experience as individuals and the connections of the collective. How do we create the world through our being? We are embodiments of purpose. This purpose is unconditional, meaning every thought, sensation and overall expression is an extension of your experience. 


Resonance is the expressions of our being. This Resonance through our everyday being becomes entangled with The Wants, The Needs and The Desires we experience in everyday life. What is true to  You? To not deny ourselves in any means, but What Resonates With You will bring forth clarity to what you Want, Need, and Desire in your life. 


Trusting our processes fulfills the choice to consciously choose to pursue ourselves with the Intent and Resonance of what is True to Us. 

Intention is my breath
Resonance is the Sensation of my breathing 
Trust is the purpose of my breath